8.7.17 9:00am Substitute Welcome Meeting
8.7.17 5:00pm 6th Grade Orientation
8.7.17 5:00pm Jr/Sr High Back to School Open House
8.7.17 5:45pm 9th Grade Orientation
8.10.17 5:00pm Back to School Open House @Albion Elementary
8.10.17 5:30pm Back to School Open House @Wolf Lake Elementary
8.10.17 6:00pm Volleyball Girls Varsity vs Whitko Community Schools (Scrimmage)
8.11.17 7:00pm Football Varsity @ Adams Central High School (Scrimmage)
8.12.17 3:30pm Girls Varsity Soccer @ NECC Jamboree @ Westview
8.12.17 5:30pm Boys Soccer Varsity @ NECC Jamboree @ Westview
8.15.17 4:30pm Boys Varsity Tennis @ East Noble HS
8.15.17 5:00pm Boys Soccer Varsity vs Columbia City High School
8.15.17 5:30pm Girls Varsity Soccer @ Heritage Jr./Sr. H.S., IN
8.15.17 6:00pm Volleyball Girls JV @ Lakewood Park Christian School
8.15.17 7:30pm Volleyball Girls Varsity @ Lakewood Park Christian School
8.17.17 4:30pm Boys Varsity Tennis @ Prairie Heights High School
8.17.17 5:00pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs Whitko Community Schools
8.17.17 5:30pm Volleyball Girls JV vs Bremen High School
8.17.17 6:30pm Volleyball Girls Varsity vs Bremen High School
8.18.17 7:00pm Football Varsity vs West Noble High School ( )
8.19.17 9:00am Cross Country Junior High @ Fairfield Junior High School (Fairfield Invitational)
8.19.17 10:30am Cross Country Varsity @ Fairfield High School (Fairfield Invitational)
8.19.17 12:00pm Boys Soccer Varsity @ Eastbrook High School
8.19.17 2:00pm Girls Varsity Soccer @ Eastbrook High School
8.21.17 5:30pm Girls Varsity Soccer vs Lakeland High School
8.21.17 6:00pm Football JV @ West Noble High School ( )
8.22.17 4:30pm Boys Varsity Tennis vs Wawasee High School
8.22.17 5:00pm Boys Soccer Varsity @ Prairie Heights High School
8.22.17 5:00pm Cross Country Varsity @ Eastside Jr/Sr HS
8.22.17 5:00pm Football 7/8 @ 7th Grade Jamboree @ Fremont